3 Bestselling Products from NWSL (and a runner up)

TOP 3 PRODUCTS FROM NWSL, NORTHWEST SHORT LINE Well-known to model railroaders for their gearboxes and motors, NWSL products are functional, versatile and affordable. Here’s a quick summary of our 3 bestselling NWSL products, along with a close runner up. But first…  *** A BRIEF HISTORY ON NWSL, NORTHWEST SHORT LINE NorthWest Short Line is […]

The #4483 Decapod Steam Locomotive: 7 Fun Facts & History

Architected back in May 1923, the #4483 was a steam locomotive built for the Pennsylvania Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. The #4483 is the lone survivor of the 598 class I1 locomotives built from 1916-1923. The class I1’s were the biggest of the (2-10-0) Decapod types in the USA. Pictured below are a few […]

HO Scale Upgrades & Customizations for Steam & Diesel Locomotives

We offer the following upgrade and customization services for HO scale locomotives:  DCC sound and lighting installs in steam & diesel locomotives Specializing in HO scale brass steam locomotive upgrades Gearbox upgrades Can motor installs (replace old open frame motor with modern can motor) Contact us for a quote. Read more about DCC below. Your […]

7 Facts About Buffalo, NY Railroad History

When the Erie Canal opened in 1825 spanning 363 miles, it represented the first transportation route to the west besides wagons and was the longest artificial waterway in North America. Today, New York’s canal system has been in operation longer than any other constructed transportation system in North America. While the Canal had significant impacts […]