3 Bestselling Products from NWSL (and a runner up)

TOP 3 PRODUCTS FROM NWSL, NORTHWEST SHORT LINE Well-known to model railroaders for their gearboxes and motors, NWSL products are functional, versatile and affordable. Here’s a quick summary of our 3 bestselling NWSL products, along with a close runner up. But first…  *** A BRIEF HISTORY ON NWSL, NORTHWEST SHORT LINE NorthWest Short Line is […]

The #4483 Decapod Steam Locomotive: 7 Fun Facts & History

Architected back in May 1923, the #4483 was a steam locomotive built for the Pennsylvania Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. The #4483 is the lone survivor of the 598 class I1 locomotives built from 1916-1923. The class I1’s were the biggest of the (2-10-0) Decapod types in the USA. Pictured below are a few […]

HO Scale Upgrades & Customizations for Steam & Diesel Locomotives

We offer the following upgrade and customization services for HO scale locomotives:  DCC sound and lighting installs in steam & diesel locomotives Specializing in HO scale brass steam locomotive upgrades Gearbox upgrades Can motor installs (replace old open frame motor with modern can motor) Contact us for a quote. Read more about DCC below. Your […]