Northwest Short Line The Chopper II 69-4 is Back in Stock!

A favorite tool from NWSL Northwest Short Line, The Chopper II is back in stock.

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NorthWest Short Line: A History of Quality

NWSL boasts a long history as a chief supplier of affordable, quality model railroad upgrade and replacement parts, with a loyal following of hobbyists who sing the praises of their unique line of products.

A quick history of NWSL: it was founded in Seattle, Washington in the late 1950s by Fred and Sheryl Martin. Fast forward a few decades to 2008, when the company was sold and subsequently relocated to Montana, where NorthWest Short Line continues to manufacture their wide range of products to this day.

Their products aren’t limited to just HO scale, but are offered for virtually all scales of model railroads. Some of their well-known products include: wheels, axles, gears, gearboxes, motors, flywheels and driveshaft components, and of course, the always-popular custom tools that make it easier to work on model locomotives.

When it was widely reported in 2019 that NWSL would close its doors forever, many in the model railroading world expressed their dismay, with many agreeing that they had parts that couldn’t be found easily anywhere else. But NorthWest Short Line enthusiasts breathed a sigh of relief when it was later announced that the entire line was acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019.

It may not always be easy to get tools & parts from NWSL, but it’s worth the wait…

Benefits of the NorthWest Short Line The Chopper II

The main benefit of The Chopper II 69-4 is obvious: increased precision and model making efficiency. The Chopper II is a miniature wood and styrene length cutter that produces clean, fast & accurate duplicate cutoffs and mitre cuts of strip material. Northwest Short Line designed The Chopper II to retain the high precision, ultra sharp, single edge single edge razor blade as the cutting tool.

The benefits are obvious: crisp cuts from a blade you can find when you need it – and can afford to replace as often as necessary for clean, sharp cuts every time. Precision mitre guides help to assure accurate angle and repeatability.

NWSL The Chopper Specs:

  • Precision guides for common angles 30, 45, 60 degrees.
  • 7″x 7″
  • Cutting depth of 1/4″ maximum
  • Replaceable cutting mat for cleaner cuts
  • Diecast aluminum frame
  • Cuts all model building woods, plastics.
  • Right-hand or Left-hand operation.
  • Safer, with more accurate repeatability.
  • Rigid handle mount system assures greater accuracy, repeatability of cuts and more safety—no loose handle that can slip or flip into unsafe position exposing cutting blade.
  • Completely assembled and ready to use. Including installed razor blade.
  • Use Caution— The Chopper II is a very sharp cutting tool (razor blade)
  • Recommended for adult craftsmen or with adult supervision of less experienced users.
  • Comes New in unopened box

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