3 Bestselling Products from NWSL (and a runner up)


Well-known to model railroaders for their gearboxes and motors, NWSL products are functional, versatile and affordable. Here’s a quick summary of our 3 bestselling NWSL products, along with a close runner up. But first..



NorthWest Short Line is a popular manufacturer of quality tools and other products for model railroading, craft hobbies, and much more. In fact, according to an old PDF catalog document on the company’s website, NWSL products are favored not only by custom builders and kit manufacturers, but also by manufacturers of medical instruments, security devices, and computer peripherals.

NWSL previously announced it planned to cease operations in August 2019, after a formidable 60 years in business. Unsurprisingly, many in the model railroading community saw this as a huge loss.

Fortunately, a press release had some better news on the horizon: the entire NWSL line was acquired by a company employee effective September 3rd, 2019.

Our Bestselling NWSL Products

NWSL 55-4 The Puller II HO Scale Wheel Driver Gear Puller


An economical rigid precision tool for removing wheels, drivers, and gears from axles and shafts. Designed for HO scale modeling, this versatile tool handles larger and smaller scales as well.

Capacity: axles/shafts from 1/16″ to 1/8″; accepts drivers, wheels, gears up to 1″ O.D.; max. press depth: 1-1/2″.

Includes: allen wrench; 1/16″ tip press screw; 3/32″ tip press screw; ‘V’ plate; operating suggestions.

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A precision, smooth running gearbox by NWSL, ideal for HO scale or similar locomotives. This gearbox kit is molded in Acetal for strength and self-lubricating qualities. 0.3 module teeth have a load-carrying capacity suitable for most HO scale model applications.


  • 1 worm (steel) 2.4 mm shaft
  • 2 wormshaft bronze bearings
  • 1 28T wormgear gear {delrin)
  • 1 28T axle gear (brass)
  • 2 gearbox sides
  • 1 bottom cover plate screws, thrust washers
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NWSL Idler Gearbox Kit 3mm Axle #139-6 0.3 Mod 28-1


NWSL Can Motor for HO Scale Brass Locomotives


The NWSL 2032D-9 double shaft 9500 RPM motor is ideal for small brass HO locomotives and similar re-powering projects. 

Dimensions & Specs:

  • Body length-32mm
  • Body height 20mm
  • Body Width 15mm
  • Output Shaft overall length 60mm (Dual shaft)
  • Shaft diameter 2mm
  • 2 14mm shafts
  • 9500 RPM
  • Stall 1.75A
  • Includes mounting screws
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Drumroll, please...Now for the runner up

If you need quick, clean & accurate cuts, the NWSL Chopper II Miniature Cutter is the ideal tool. It comes completely assembled & ready for use, including an installed razor blade.

  • 7″x 7″ dimensions
  • Cutting depth of 1/4″ maximum
  • Cuts wood & plastics for models
  • Cuts mitres to any angle
  • Replaceable cutting mat for cleaner cuts
  • Precision guides for common angles: 30, 45, 60 degrees
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NWSL 69-4 The Chopper II Miniature Cutter

Runner Up