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Broadway Limited Dreyfuss Hudson Steam Locomotive: An HO Scale Masterpiece

Summary: Welcome to the HO Train Showcase Series by Nightwatch Trains, where we’ll highlight a favorite HO Scale locomotive and provide a history on the real-life model. Key Takeaways: Henry Dreyfuss, an industrial design extraordinaire Fast Facts: Hudson steam locomotives Broadway Limited Dreyfuss Hudson masterpieces Are there any Hudson steam locomotives left anymore? John Deere. Hoover. […]

Mikados, Decapods & Hudsons in Brass HO Scale Trains…Oh My!

Continuing on with our trip down memory lane, this post covers Mikados, Decapods & Hudson vintage steam locomotives as offered in the 1969 Pacific Fast Mail HO scale locomotive catalog. To see other posts in this series,  HO Scale Brass Trains: Geared Locos & Switchers from Pacific Fast Mail Pacific Fast Mail Brass Locomotives History: […]