Thinking of Selling a Treasured Train Collection?

Folks choose to sell their model train collection for many reasons…

If you are moving, downsizing, or perhaps looking to sell a train collection that was gifted to you in an estate, Nightwatch Trains buys HO scale trains, whether it’s just one train or a larger collection.

Maybe you’ve been collecting for years and want to sell your collection in its entirety, to ensure that your trains will pass on to those who will enjoy them as you have.

Your Train Collection Can Be Part of Estate Planning

When you have a Will drawn up, you decide who receives your assets.

Wills specify who you choose to inherit your real estate and financial assets. When making your estate plans, it may be easy to overlook – or forget – assets like a train collection.

Choosing someone who will enjoy your train collection with the dedicated enthusiasm you’ve shown over the years may not be an easy task.  Sometimes, loved ones don’t share common likes.

It’s something that requires thoughtful contemplation.

You may prefer that your train collection be kept (or sold) together, perhaps for sentimental reasons.  Or maybe you prefer to sell off portions of your collection as the years pass by.

If you intend your trains to be inherited, ensure you have itemized your collection for ease of distribution. Detailed descriptions alleviate confusion.

Consult with a qualified, experienced legal professional who specializes in the estate planning field.

Decided to Sell your Train Collection?

When you’re ready to sell – whether it’s just a portion of your collection, its entirety, or a train collection that was left to you by a loved one, Nightwatch Trains has the experience, dedication, and devotion to help.

It can be a hard decision, I know. Years ago, I had to sell my collection to purchase my first home. But I knew at the time it was the right decision, and a few years later, I was back to the joy of train collecting.

With decades of experience in the field, I can purchase your collection in its entirety or in part. I am a top-rated seller on eBay and maintain my own website at 

We Buy HO Scale Trains

Nightwatch Trains buys and sells HO scale collectible model trains, locomotives and rolling stock, specializing in brass trains.

If you’re interested in selling your HO scale trains, all you need to do is:

  • Send a list of your HO trains for sale with photos.
  • We’ll follow up with any questions or an offer.

👉Get started easily with one of our pre-made inventory templates: choose between:

Note: We do not purchase other model train scales (i.e. O-scale, N-scale), and we do not offer professional appraisal services.

Because we specialize in buying collectible HO scale trains with a focus on brass models, we do not purchase toy trains by manufacturers such as Tyco & Life-Like.

Thank you for visiting Nightwatch Trains…

We may not the largest in the business – we’re certainly not the ‘big box store’ for HO trains.

Although we may not be a mega train shop, we more than make up for that in what we call good, old-fashioned service. We take extreme pride in our small family business – and that reflects in our high rate of customer satisfaction.

So if you’re ready to sell your HO train collection, get in touch with us…